Investa is run as a private corporation, but will always be truly beholden to its coinholders and users, as we innovate we must iterate. To produce the optimum products we will be asking for consensus of our users, as the blockchain has always done since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto. We will not deviate, or shy away from changing the way things are done, in fact we will embrace the opportunity that this ICO gives us to raise the funds and issue the coins into the hands of those who will share our journey

The Investa platform is developed and operated by an experienced and capable team of tech, finance and business masters. Investa is more than just a blockchain project, it encompases innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. Our founders and core team members are rapidly expanding and will be announced in due course. The team have worked together on previous projects and we want to ensure that we maintain our rapid pace of progress without the distractions of publicity at this point. Certain non compete & confidentiality restrictions further prevent public disclosure of the team until those have lapsed.

Investa core and partners represent the highest quality personnel in their field and we are excited to be part of this visionary project


InvestaCo is committed to a fully transparent process even beyond the open source coding. Here are other ways we intend to offer transparency and community control.
  • Engage an accountancy firm for third-party audits, which will be reported to the community.
  • Founders will be limited from liquidating their INV at a rate of more than 20% of the total pool within the first year. This is to prevent dumping and to keep a stable token price. It also keeps their interests aligned with the INV community over the longer term
  • Reserved token crowdsale funds will be accessible only for the stated purposes, e.g. liquidity or community rewards. The INV price of future token crowdsale events will be determined based on, but not limited to, the INV exchange price prior to the crowdsale event in question.
  • Community approval will be used via smart contract voting based on coinholding and consensus. The voting may approve coin reserve unlocking, club membership policy changes, and other changes that affect the INV community.
  • A minimal threshold amount will be required to complete a token crowdsale. The ICO will have a series of cap levels. If the crowdsale does not reach its soft cap of 1 million, any funds received during the token crowdsale will be returned to the original initiating wallets. Assuming the soft cap is exceeded, but the hard cap of 50 million tokens is not met, any unsold tokens will be retained for market liquidity support. Any funds received after having reached the maximum cap of 50 million tokens will be returned to the senders’ wallet.

This means that various control functions are delegated to relevant authorities either internally or externally, to provide greater transparency and oversight of the inner workings of InvestaCoin.
Our coinholders will be able to contact our core team through multiple redundant channels such as slack, telegram, twitter and community forums. Our consensus based voting mechanisms will ensure that democracy rules in directing our core dev team on vital chain and platform dev decisions, that will inevitably arise as we expand to meet the varying demands of not only our future coinholders but new customers as well. Due to operational control & security factors, we cannot make the full codebase opensource but will seek to involve and request community feedback on major decisions wherever possible.

More information can be found on


While HaasOnline Software was officially founded in January 2014 by Stephan de Haas, the company name has been in use since the 90’s. HaasOnline’s flagship product is the HaasOnline Trade Server or HTS for short. HTS is a fully featured cryptocurrency trading platform designed to automate trading. With thousands of active users HTS is the premier cryptocurrency trading platform.

There automated trading platform is the product of hard work by a diverse team of professionals with years of experience trading. Many of the features contained within HTS exist out of a need to address common challenges that arise with standard trading practices. Several of these features, in fact, are a direct result of community input.

They strive to support the cryptocurrency community as much as possible and believe that our software is friendly enough for anyone; from novice traders to experienced professionals.

Check Out the intro video here



Starlez is a professional retailer and founded in 2007 as an e-commerce company based in Pontirolo Nuovo (Bergamo). They are selling both static and dynamic models and everything related to them. Also in that store you will find boxed toys, regular toys, gadgets of various kinds, audio CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray all strictly official.


This professional online bookstore with a wide choice of books, even more than 150000 books can be found here. So there is a choice for everyone according to author and genre.

They aim to satisfy the customer in every need by selecting and then proposing the best products in the field of collecting and following step by step the various stages of the purchase.

They have one of the most competitive prices on the online markets.

ReddCard has been launched to extend use of reddcoin!!

This card is RDD deposit card using QR address. RDD is sent to owner's reddcoin wallet address that QR indicates.
User can send reddcoin via mobile wallet that can scanning QR.
Card wil be issued using a preorder. You can issue reddcard regardless of country, except in some countries where it's difficult to send.
Card will be delivered in Reddcard envelope and cover! :)

How to use:

Pretty simple.
You just install 'Coinomi mobile wallet'.
(link : )
Transfer the reddcoin to this mobile wallet, and then scanning QR code to transfer.
The whole process is the same as it was before. But difference is that it used the QR Code.
It makes RDD usager faster, simpler, easier.

Preorder Guide:

It will be issued to 200 people regardless of country, and applications will be received with telegram @rhino13
Preorder cost will be determined from the 2300 - 2500 RDD, it can be changed.
After the application is completed, we check the send TXID, Address to deliver, RDD address to make QR, ETC.
Foreign users (based on Korea) may not be able to ship according to nationality. So plz check that first !
The first issue will be automatically terminated when 200 card preordered. And then start ready to send.


This not-for-profit website allows you to send Reddcoin to your Friends, Family, Colleagues without knowing their address (let's face it, we never remember or carry our public address).
Since the transaction cost is almost free (2RDD) and accessible as long as you have internet access:
You can use Rymos to raise awareness about crypto to your non-crypto friends by sending some to them just by email.
You can use Rymos to send Reddcoin just for fun to your family and they can receive immediately (ask them send some back :P) .
If you organize a crypto conference, you can also Rymos to send to a random participant.
Moving funds in and out of Rymos is very easy and self-explanatory, to deposit you can just send RDD to your Rymos address; to withdraw, you can just send from Rymos to your wallet address.

Note: secure your password, use 2FA and most importantly, don't store all your RDD there.

Happy using :slightly_smiling_face:

Rymos site:

StakeBox was born out of our interest in cryptocurrency and digital security products.

After learning about Bitcoin in early 2012 they became fascinated by what its impact could mean to the world. During that time, they were working on another business, called Pi Supply.

At Pi Supply, they create an array of innovative accessories for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and sell other awesome maker products from around the globe. There aim is to provide high-quality electronic products to the global Raspberry Pi and Maker communities, through a fast distribution service that is expanding daily.

They have grown from a one-man band operation working in a dusty warehouse in Kent with two silly dogs to a growing team based all over the UK and EU.

After many years learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our spare time, it was decided to combine these interests and create - a store where users can purchase low-cost devices allowing them to stake their favourite Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies!

It seems they have big plans for, so stay tuned and learn about all the partnerships that are coming in 2018! :-)


Introducing ReddPay -

The easiest and most secure way to send crypto currency.
ReddPay was designed with ease of use in mind. No need to worry about keys or addresses. Sending crypto currency has never been easier!
Enter an amount of any fiat currency, and it will automatically be converted to Reddcoin.

Tip your waitress. Send money to your grandma anywhere in the world. ReddPay makes it easy to send and receive money using blockchain technology.

No need to remember a complicated address. Send money to an email address or phone number effortlessly!

Local World Forwarders

LWF was created with the aim of bringing together the world’s shipments market and the blockchain technology. They want to develop a system for the management and tracking of orders that is secure, transparent and open to the new era of cryptocurrency payments. 
The LWF project focus itself on:
  • Contributors interested in cryptocurrencies. They offer the advantage of investing at low costs with their token, and a rapid acceleration of profits, dictated by the nature of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Large shipping companies. LWF is a huge profit opportunity for big players in the global shipments market. Large shipping firms will be able to expand their market area by applying blockchain technology to their order management systems.

They are a tech-driven online retailer located near Salt Lake City in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Since the beginnings in 1999. Overstock has evolved from a fledging startup to a billion-dollar online retailer as a result of a hard-working and creative team.

They are passionate about making life better. They provide high-quality merchandise, great value, and exceptional customer service. With connecting people with products and services in a new and unexpected way. They challenge themselves in creating dream homes for all.