ReddCard has been launched to extend use of reddcoin!!

This card is RDD deposit card using QR address. RDD is sent to owner's reddcoin wallet address that QR indicates.
User can send reddcoin via mobile wallet that can scanning QR.
Card wil be issued using a preorder. You can issue reddcard regardless of country, except in some countries where it's difficult to send.
Card will be delivered in Reddcard envelope and cover! :)

How to use:

Pretty simple.
You just install 'Coinomi mobile wallet'.
(link : )
Transfer the reddcoin to this mobile wallet, and then scanning QR code to transfer.
The whole process is the same as it was before. But difference is that it used the QR Code.
It makes RDD usager faster, simpler, easier.

Preorder Guide:

It will be issued to 200 people regardless of country, and applications will be received with telegram @rhino13
Preorder cost will be determined from the 2300 - 2500 RDD, it can be changed.
After the application is completed, we check the send TXID, Address to deliver, RDD address to make QR, ETC.
Foreign users (based on Korea) may not be able to ship according to nationality. So plz check that first !
The first issue will be automatically terminated when 200 card preordered. And then start ready to send.