This not-for-profit website allows you to send Reddcoin to your Friends, Family, Colleagues without knowing their address (let's face it, we never remember or carry our public address).
Since the transaction cost is almost free (2RDD) and accessible as long as you have internet access:
You can use Rymos to raise awareness about crypto to your non-crypto friends by sending some to them just by email.
You can use Rymos to send Reddcoin just for fun to your family and they can receive immediately (ask them send some back :P) .
If you organize a crypto conference, you can also Rymos to send to a random participant.
Moving funds in and out of Rymos is very easy and self-explanatory, to deposit you can just send RDD to your Rymos address; to withdraw, you can just send from Rymos to your wallet address.

Note: secure your password, use 2FA and most importantly, don't store all your RDD there.

Happy using :slightly_smiling_face:

Rymos site: https://www.rymos.com