StakeBox was born out of our interest in cryptocurrency and digital security products.

After learning about Bitcoin in early 2012 they became fascinated by what its impact could mean to the world. During that time, they were working on another business, called Pi Supply.

At Pi Supply, they create an array of innovative accessories for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and sell other awesome maker products from around the globe. There aim is to provide high-quality electronic products to the global Raspberry Pi and Maker communities, through a fast distribution service that is expanding daily.

They have grown from a one-man band operation working in a dusty warehouse in Kent with two silly dogs to a growing team based all over the UK and EU.

After many years learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our spare time, it was decided to combine these interests and create - a store where users can purchase low-cost devices allowing them to stake their favourite Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies!

It seems they have big plans for, so stay tuned and learn about all the partnerships that are coming in 2018! :-)