Community Projects can cover almost anything. Community projects would for example be:

  • Funding for a shelter for the homeless
  • Fight against the hunger in 3rd world country's
  • A website you have made
  • You have developed a game/software that uses the Reddcoin Network
Charities can include the community projects and they are not limited.
However we do also support the community efforts of people trying to promote Reddcoin to the worldwide public. 

Whatever you have in mind, please contact us and we will consider your request.


Italy has always been considered the cradle of art.
Today there are still borders, states and local cultures but there is also the Internet and the network world.
Italians have always been sensitive to art and want to continue their tradition, for this is born this space.
Reddcoin the image of the new internet world and the team's Italians offer this space so that today's artists can continue to express themselves.


CrytoPlay is a trusted third party, allowing players to challenge each others, without needs to question the fairness of the other players.
Using cryptocurrencies and automated services, you have the guaranty that the defined rules of a game you joined will be respected.
The winner(s) of a game will automatically receive their gains !



Reddcoin Poker

If you like games and Reddcoin, you'll most likely enjoy Reddcoin Poker!

Like the creator says: "Reddcoin Poker is a Poker Platform to play with Reddcoins. Our Platform is focused on fun. Play Poker with other players from around the world and enjoy some great time while earning Reddcoins."

We encourage you to have a look and hopefully also to win some Reddcoins!

Cartoons by Josh Martell

Josh Martell is creating some great cartoons and has put them on a website.
He is trying to get more people into sharing their art for tips in RDD on social media and therefore started this partnership.

Make sure you have a look at his marvelous cartoons and maybe even donate some RDD for it :)  
His website is


Video and T-Shirt contest by @reddcoinP

This guy has been funding a couple of community awareness projects to get the word out about this great coin. 

The first project is a video advertisement contest, with a reward of 10000 RDD for the winner. 

The idea is to get original videos (i.e. funny, informative or tutorial) on YouTube and other social media. By compiling a group of varying videos, it will create a higher visibility for Reddcoin. This contest will end on April 22 2018. 

Please fill in your form for participation here 

Here is an example of a recent submission: 

The second community project is the Reddcoin T-Shirt contest with a reward of 10000 RDD for the winner. 

All participants need to design a T-Shirt that will be produced for the community. 

A small part of the sales of the T-Shirt will go to the current RDD Development Team. The idea for this was derived from a bitcoin reddit t-shirt contest. Example of the Bitcoin T-Shirt can be seen here 

More information and how to submit your design can be found here. 

In order you need more information, feel free to contact on Twitter, by email or on Reddit



The founders of Reddcoin For Justice are Willem D. (29) from the Netherlands and his wife Judith R. (28) from Indonesia. They have been married for almost 7 years and together have travelled to several countries over the years to support existing projects and/or start their own projects to help people in need in whatever way they can. Some of the countries they have been to are: Indonesia, India and Ukraine, but they have also worked among the Inuit's in Greenland. Between 2010 and 2013 they lived in Indonesia and started a project there in the slums to provide food, clothing, healthcare and basic education for the children. Since June 2013, after handing over the project to new leadership, they have lived in Belgium where Willem has just a regular factory job. Whenever they have a holiday, they usually travel to other countries to continue to support projects. (4-5 weeks in a year).


The founders of Reddcoin for Justice have only recently discovered Reddcoin. (December 2017). They made themselves familiar with the concept and what it stands for and thats how a new dream and vision arose. Having many connections to projects that provide help for people living in poverty, the Reddcoin For Justice founders dream of travelling to different places to support people in need, as they have been doing, but now using the wonderful technology of Reddcoin and the support of the Reddcoin community to really make a difference. Nowadays, many people have mixed feelings when it comes to big charities. A lot of the money donated into charities ends up paying peoples salaries or administration costs and such. With Reddcoin For Justice, the founders personally pay for their travels and money will only be raised for specific projects. Examples could be: Buying clothes for people, paying someone's medical bill, handing out food, renovating an orphanage etc. They will upload video's on Youtube presenting specific needs they encounter with an estimation of needed funds. After receiving enough funds, they will make another video showing the people receiving the help. This way, donations end up only there where they should and those donating can witness how THEIR TIPPING made a difference in someone's life. Since they will use a separate wallet adress for every new project, people will always be able to see exactly how much Reddcoin went in and out of the adress to see if the target has been met. Should there be too much coming in, the team will use that to either give a little extra to the people or project in need, or to keep it for the next project and therefore donate it into the next project's wallet adress. Either way, your tipping will only end up with the ones in need. Reddcoin For Justice will always strive for as much financial transparency as possible.


Currently the founders of Reddcoin For Justice are limited in the amount of time and money they can spend on visiting other countries to support people and projects, because of work and financial limitations. However, for this April they have a trip planned to Indonesia and they are planning to announce their first projects in the coming days or weeks. For now it is hard to say how soon the next project will happen after April. However the dream is to eventually be doing this on a more regular basis, not just 4 to 5 weeks a year. Two more countries that they plan to visit within the near future are Slovenia and Kenya. They have personally invested their savings into Reddcoin somewhere during March and they hope that, as Reddcoin grows, their investment will help make it possible to ultimately even go fulltime for Reddcoin for Justice simply by staking somewhere in the coming years.

As it is, Reddcoin For Justice aims to show that it doesnt take a big organisation to make a difference, but bringing the world together in simplicity can do much more. Standing up for those that are less fortunate is not just an act of kindness, it is an obligation of mankind or as Nelson Mandela said it: Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice.