Phore’s mission for 2018 is mainstream use of the Phore currency for both public and private transactions, spearheaded by their unique, decentralized marketplace. The marketplace will charge no fees for listings or final sale prices as you’d find on eBay, and transaction fees are much lower than other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The information to complete the transaction, e.g. the shipping address, is shared securely between buyers and sellers and is not collected or stored in any central location.

The Phore community will also directly encourage and support development of new products and services to be sold on the market. Buyers will have the option of converting their Phore into the privacy enabled zPHR and use that to make their purchases, leaving no linkage on the Phore blockchain between the buyer and seller. The marketplace will also give people a new way to obtain cryptocurrency by selling products or services there in exchange for Phore.

They will also be releasing a private, decentralized crowdfunding platform similar to existing ones such as Kickstarter, however without the huge processing fees. Shortly after, another service which is scheduled for release, will be Phores very own “Click and Collect” Vendor Pilot Programme. This will allow buyers in one city to place orders through the marketplace and collect their goods later on, in person. Alongside all of this, Phore aims to provide scholarships and bursaries to young developers who are interested in working on blockchain projects and services.

The Phore blockchain is also receiving many technical enhancements in 2018 with the inclusion of features such as Segwit and Atomic Swaps, the latter of which will allow rapid, peer to peer exchanges to be made between Phore and other cryptocurrencies.

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between parties directly written into lines of code and stored within the blockchain. Phore intends to revolutionize this protocol with the introduction of their “Synapse Privacy Smart Contracts”. This will allow more complex transactions to be done using Phore, whilst providing layers of anonymity on top of Smart Contracts. The addition of smart contracts to Phore’s impressive technical foundation creates a powerful platform for creating private, secure, and completely decentralized applications (dApps) running directly on the blockchain.

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