Welcome at Reddcoin Alliance!

The Reddcoin Alliance aims at the exchange of information and ideas amongst the Reddcoin Community, its Investors and others working for a worldwide integration.

About Reddcoin

The Reddcoin alliance is a global network of digital assets, tokens, and corporations established to facilitate the exchange of Reddcoin (RDD) and other CryptoCurrencies through the decentralized social media platform Metaverse. As a key investment and expansion vehicle for the Reddcoin community, Subsidiary Corporations under general management of the alliance will be used to conduct business activities such as marketing in an effort to increase awareness and support for this decentralized economy in a global context.

The Reddcoin network consists of many different Projects and the Untermanagement of all of them requires the coordination of several people; and it is where we turn to you, our friends and work together to develop productive and comfortable relations among all the participants involved with such various projects. As members of the alliance, you will have access to expert networks that will be able to help you make your projects happen. There are exchanges where you can buy Reddcoin, or where you can tip (redd – tip) developers who add new coins into the current block wallet; there are companies providing various services; there are wikis that have information on your favorite coins

Our Goals

The goals of the Reddcoin Alliance is to: Provide an open, stable, secure environment where you can easily learn, collaborate and succeed.Provide an uncollaborative environment in which you can openly discuss and grow your knowledge.Set the example for the others with our actions and in so doing help ensure cryptocurrency will have a bright and prosperous future in its cryptospace and beyond. This alliance is based on trustless transactions built on transparency and accountability. Our methodology will be transparent from start to end allowing logical progression between people and organizations with regards to our network. All actions and decisions are open to all members

Buy Reddcoin

It is possible to buy reddcoin in several ways. You can buy RedditCoins with EUR or USD from an exchange , send REDD to your wallet and get it traded on an exchange or withdraw it through your bank. Do you want to buy RedditCoins directly from the developers? Great idea, use the referral link in the BuyReddcoin section. If you want to buy from a bank account, it is best to call a bank with an active Reddcoin account (don’t worry if you don’t have one – just ask for one). Or check out our Bank Partners and see what solutions they offer!

Reddcoin Wallet

The Reddcoin Official Wallet is a free browser-based application that allows you to interactively manage your Reddcoin wallet. The Reddcoin information platform includes a comprehensive guide, online wallet browser and other utilities. This wallet is recommended for novice users because it provides quick access to protect your Reddcoin, and cryptocurrency network from spam and intruders. The Reddcoin UI is an application developed by our developer team that gives insights on the organization behind this project.

The decentralized, mathematically secure and untraceable peer-to-peer crypto currency is based upon the CryptoNote protocol. It is intended to enable secure, instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world instantly and at any time. Although the community generated block chain technology has been implemented within the network, it is the ability to create, own and store custom digital assets that sets Reddcoin apart from all other cryptocurrencies. This provides us with many new opportunities for innovation within the financial space.