About Reddcoin

The Reddcoin alliance is a global network of digital assets, tokens, and corporations established to facilitate the exchange of Reddcoin (RDD) and other CryptoCurrencies through the decentralized social media platform Metaverse. As a key investment and expansion vehicle for the Reddcoin community, Subsidiary Corporations under general management of the alliance will be used to conduct business activities such as marketing in an effort to increase awareness and support for this decentralized economy in a global context.

The Reddcoin network consists of many different Projects and the Untermanagement of all of them requires the coordination of several people; and it is where we turn to you, our friends and work together to develop productive and comfortable relations among all the participants involved with such various projects. As members of the alliance, you will have access to expert networks that will be able to help you make your projects happen. There are exchanges where you can buy Reddcoin, or where you can tip (redd – tip) developers who add new coins into the current block wallet; there are companies providing various services; there are wikis that have information on your favorite coins.