What software do you need for your webshop?

There are 2 ways of adding the payment box on your webpage.  There is no need for additional software on your hosting device.

Option 1:

Create your account on Coingate and follow their guides.

Option 2:

This has 3 options at your disposal which can be used in order to display the Reddcoin Payment Box.

  • By using an HTML iframe
  • By using JSON data Client Side ( jquery ajax )
  • By using JSON Server Side ( php curl method )
  1. Visit https://gourl.io/ and create your account there, follow the entire registration proces.
  2. Because you need a Private and Public Key you will need to generate these on your account. 
  3. You can do this by clicking the add payment box   
  4. Fill in the form and add your wallet address. Click the save button and you will now see your generated Private and Public Key.c06aa01b-79e2-4dad-982f-eff5599f7936png
  5. More information can be found in the link below.
  6. https://gourl.io/reddcoin-payment-gateway-api.html

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